Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday 9.

1. What was your favorite active game as a child?
I loved playing the tag game "Rocks"... Handball and Tether ball.

2. What was your favorite board game as a child?
Candyland or Clue.

3. Tell us about a friend you played these games with in your youth.
I would play mostly with my siblings... However, I vividly remember playing Monopoly with my childhood best friend Angela... for HOURS... days even. It was ridiculous.

4. What is your favorite card game?
Old Maid or Go Fish as a kid... now I like solitaire. Don't leave me alone with a game of computer spider solitaire...nothing good will come from it.

5. What board games do you enjoy now?

6. Do you play video games? Which ones?
Not really... I do enjoy a good game of Tetris every now and then. ;)

7. Tell us about the friends you play games with now.
Mostly just my hubby. We have been known to take our Scrabble playing quite seriously. ;)

8. Do you play any sports now?
Hubby and I play Tennis and Racquetball...maybe a game of handball if we are feeling really crazy.

9. What’s your favorite sport to watch?
RODEO! Followed by baseball, gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. I dare you to say cheerleading isn't a sport...I might get a little bit rowdy... R-O-W...D-Y! ;)

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