Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap: Family Fun and Not so Fun Flat Tire

This weekend Jon's family took a road trip from Arkansas and paid us a visit. :) Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Jon showing the family around the jet he flies...

Family shot...
Jon, his Mom and Granny...

Jon and Granny
Jim and Sherrie
After a little sight seeing around town... and a little bit of shopping, we headed down to see the water.
It was SO, SO windy! Exhibit A:

Jon taking advantage of the wind blowing through his shirt; he felt this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his flexing ability...and the fact he has been hitting the gym. haha

The family left early Sunday morning (as they had a long drive ahead of them)... so we headed off to church. Unfortunately, we got a flat tire along the way!! Don't you just hate that? :(

Our donut tire. Awww so sad.

Wally World to the rescue!!

Jon surveying the other tires... in case they were in need of repair. ;) May I mention that the drink Jon was sipping was compliments of the 16 year old boy clerk at the Whataburger counter? I'd like to think I "still have it" haha... but the more probable reality is he saw us struggling to change a tire in the Texas heat in their parking lot... and was trying to be a good Whataburger Samaritan. Yeah, just take all of my ego glory away. ;)
So we had an unexpected detour on the way to church. Good news is: tire is fixed, we made it to church (a later service) and we saw the coolest car in Corpus Christi... or at least this owner thinks so.

Some said it was a myth...a legend even... but I captured photographic evidence that it IS possible to get this much "cool" into one vehicle. I couldn't get a good picture without being completely obvious... this car is ALL tricked out... I think it is an Oldsmobile or a Lincoln... something like that... the rims stuck out about 10 inches off the tire on each side... and had two blade like propellers on the end of the rim. I'm telling you, they were weapons of mass destruction. These propeller rims, if positioned close enough to the curb while the car is moving, could take out an entire sidewalk, street light, telephone pole... whatever gets in it's path. Be on the look out for this dangerously cool car...if you ever find yourself on the roads of South Texas.
And tell your eyes "you're welcome" for allowing it to feast on this absurd amount of crazy cool.


  • The Stylish House said...

    Hi Melissa,
    I ended up here from your other blog. I am excited about you home town party. I think it is a great idea. I put your button on my sidebar so hopefully more will join in the fun. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to following you (on both blogs!) Cathy