Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recap: Going to the Big Top!

Well... sort of. The circus came to town!!! I'm talking Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus!!!
I could hardly contain myself... here we go:

Jon hates when I take his picture when he squeegees the windows. haha It makes me want to do it even more...

Trying to escape... haha... why does this picture look like I've just caught a rare snippet of a mythical creature... like Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Not that he looks like one... but just his positioning trying to get away from the camera. haha

Extending an olive branch via pre-circus picture. Ok... we are ready!

Did you know that the circus still arrives via train?? Like just on the Animal Crackers package!! No joke... here it is!! It is one of the longest trains in America... over a mile long! (That's what Jon told me anyway... I'll double check this fact later.)

Giddy as a school girl.

Bring on the show!


I think this guy enjoys the tighty tight tights and spandex tiger shirt unbuttoned down to his navel... he considers this one of the best "perks" of the job.

I love to watch the Trapeze artists! I want to wear glittery tights. :(

The elephants were my favorite!

Jon... leaving the circus... as giddy as a school girl.

Then we stopped at refuel... and off to Michaels. I caught word that they may have put Spooky Town out. Ok, I might have a mild obsession with Halloween. I can't help it; it is my favorite time of year. And, technically, I believe it is fair game to start putting up fall/Halloween decorations on September 1st. Needless to say, it just about made my day to see Spooky Town displayed in all of its spooky glory!! I looked. I admired. I wanted. But, I didn't get anything... I didn't have my coupon and I certainly would not pay full spooky town prices. Instead, I took the 2009 Spooky Town brochure home to study. ;) Don't you remember when the Sears Catalog came out right around Christmas time when you were a kid? You'd lose your mind... circling everything that you just had to have? This is the modern day Sears catalog for me. ;) One day... one day I will collect the whole village and be the freak lady in the neighborhood with half of the living room set up to display Spooky Town during Halloween. haha Yep, that will be me; I have big aspirations for my life.

After a quick lap around Best Buy (I think that is Jon's way of detoxing all of the craftiness he digested while in Michaels)... we headed over to JoAnn's to get some fabric for a couple projects that I'm working on. And, when exiting the store, lo and behold... the orange light was on in all of it's beautiful Krispy Kreme glory!!!

How do you make a good day perfect? Answer: One warm glazed donut!

No. Thank YOU Krispy Kreme!

And we drove off into a beautiful Texas sunset and lived happily ever after.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Dolly got a BIG bone. haha... She guarded it with her LIFE!


  • Jules said...

    I haven't been to the circus since I was a kid and it used to be a blast. My dad would take me and we had so much fun. It looks like you guys had a nice time and I love the pics!

    I am also a HUGE Halloween fan and go wild for it. I love the Spooky Town villages too. Hubby makes fun of me because around the end of August I start telling him that “Harvest” is coming. That is how I refer to the entire fall season :)

    I heart Dolly!

  • Brett Alexandra said...

    awww, looks like you had such an awesome time! I want to go to the circus!

    HAHA, my dog guards his new bones too.

  • Anonymous said...

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