Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adventures with my Dad...

I'm still in California visiting my family. :) On Monday my dad and I decided to do a little "mountain" biking. The trails that we rode would probably be considered easy to moderate by most people's standards, however, riding a bike across soft sand, rocks and multiple inclines and descents is considered living on the edge to me. Not only did this excursion prove that I am incredibly out of shape...but more saddening than that is I am getting old. And I'm not even that old. My thoughts were "I'm going to fall"... "remember to breathe"..."please don't have a heart attack"... "I hope no one sees me getting off my bike and walking it up this hill"..."I'm going to be lunch for a mountain lion at any moment"..."is that the sound of a rattle snake?"..."Is it possible for a rattle snake to leap out of the tall grass, just as I ride by, and bite my leg?"..."Did I put enough sun block on?"... "How much farther again?".
What happened to the days when I thought I was invincible? When I actually could get on a bike, ride over rocks and sand without batting an eye, and deal with situations as they came? Now-a-days, I seem to mentally prepare for a million different crises in advance...and with certainty that the worst will inevitably happen, and it will happen to me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a day outside in the great outdoors.

Come along... I'll show you what I saw!

Big, open prairies... with tall grass and oak trees.

There were pretty yellow flower plants... that colored the fields yellow.

And pretty little wild flowers.

And Oak Trees...

As we stopped for a rest (imagine that)... we saw a woodpecker!

Kind of blurry since I had to zoom in... but he was there... perched in all of his pecking glory.

Here I am.

I just loved the long wheat-looking grass. So prairie-ish. :)

My dad...

Anyone who knows my dad... will completely nod with understanding in this next picture.

We finally made it back to the truck... and decided to take a little drive through the country for a little exploring... like the old days. ;)

Away we went down the old dirt roads.

Look at this old wonky house!! Built on a platform rock foundation... twig railings... amazing on all levels.

On the same old, abandoned property was this good looking barn...

A bathtub in the middle of a field...

Look at all of those dandelions!

That's like a gazillion wishes right there! Jackpot!

So we came across this old abandoned house...

We got out of the truck to get a closer look... just wondering how long it may have been abandoned... who might have lived there... looking at the porch and the surrounding structures. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary... BUT!! When I got home and went through my digital pictures... I saw something on the porch that wasn't there when we were looking at it earlier that day...

Isn't that weird? I'm just saying... call it what you want... but I didn't see those there in person.

A windmill... and a well. My dad was such a good sport... I wanted to see some water... so he pumped the well for me. haha

That pretty much concludes our day of adventure... we were tuckered out! ;)