Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marathon Training: Day 1

As promised... I am reporting in that I have OFFICIALLY started my half-marathon training.
Jon was gracious enough to run with me today... We ran the track on base... mind you it was like 150 degrees outside with 99% Texas humidity... already a recipe for death. And then I get the bright idea to run outside. At the 1 mile mark my brain started to scramble like an egg and I was certain I was going to induce a stroke. Or a heart attack. Or pop a lung. Or suffocate to death from lack of oxygen. haha I'm in terrific shape, can't you tell? I made it a mile, which was both joyously shocking and completely discouraging, all rolled into one.
Conclusion after Day 1: Confirmed. I still hate running. Still out of shape. But not ready to quit just yet. I have decided that high noon is not the optimal time to go running in Texas. I know, right? I'm a master of the obvious? Yes, as a matter of fact I DO have a PhD in Common Sense. Perhaps tomorrow I will put the common sense to good use and run at the break of dawn. ;)

I need a miracle. And motivation. And a piece of pie.

Goodnight all.