Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Trip

I am finally back to the Motherland (Texas)... still have yet to unpack. I hate unpacking more than I hate packing. Doesn't it always feel like it takes a month to catch up after you go on vacation? Yeah, that's where I'm at... getting back into the swing of things. ;) I thought I would share a few pictures from my trip... because I have such an exciting life that y'all are dying to see. (haha, right.)

Here we are at the Airport Cafe... it is a small little restaurant at a little airport by my parent's house. My first flying lesson was out of this airport... so it will always hold a special little place in my heart. :)

Might as well keep the ol' noodle sharp with a little arithmetic:
Me + Airplanes + Food + Good Company = A GREAT DAY.

My sisters and me. (above)

My niece Ella and me. (below)

My Nephew Luke and me (left).
Carlie's son Luka, me, Jessica and Luke (right).

Spent a lot of quality time with Toby and Charlie, my mom's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Charlie loses his marbles when the bubbles come out!!

A little play time in the backyard...

Had lunch with my Grandpa... and went to "see the animals". There is a place near my grandpa's house that has the most random animals... I guess as pets. They have lots of goats and sheep as well as zebra, buffalo, horses... probably among other beasts of the land that were hiding in the hills behind their house. ;) My grandparents would always take my siblings and me to see the animals when we were little kids staying at their house. This was obviously years and years ago. Anyway, we decided to drive by this place on a whim and to our delight.... ANIMALS! :)

Grandpa, Ella and Me.

This goat really wanted to befriend me. I had no opposition to that.

Poor Mr. Buffalo was so lonely. I surely would have befriended him too if I wasn't certain that he would pummel me on approach.

And, finally, Mr. Charlie Dog again. He LOVES his horse... takes it all around the house. Just so happens I caught him sleeping with it like it was his Teddy Bear. It was too cute. Of course he had to open his eyes when I tried to get a picture of him sleeping.

Such a good visit... it is always nice to go "home" and visit with the family, especially when you don't have to option of seeing them very often. :( Of course, it is nice to come back home, too...two weeks is a long time to be away from hubby and the poochies... maybe I can convince my family to come visit me so I can have the best of both worlds. Yoohoo!!... I know you guys are reading this... start planning your visit now! :)