Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marathon Training: Day 2

Day 2: Fail.

I need to be featured on Fail Blog. Seriously though, it wasn't my fault. I had such good intentions! We had to drop my car off for an oil we were already going to be in Corpus Christi. What better place to do day 2 of training than on the trail by the water?? Surely it would be much cooler in Corpus... and guaranteed to have some wind off the water to cool us down while we ran. So I packed my running shoes, got my water bottle and headed out! We left our house, 90 something degrees, blue skies and get to Corpus...71 degrees, torrential down pour and lightning. Seriously? Is God sending me a message? "Don't run two days in a row my child, for you will surely die". I heeded His warning and went to Chick-Fil-A instead. This is now officially my "rest" day so get off my back. ;) Besides, I just HAD to do a tablescape when I got home for Tablescape Thursday...and then fix dinner...and by the time I was done with all of that, it was really too late to go run.

BUT!!! I will go tomorrow. I promise. Today = Rest day.

I promise I won't update the marathon thing everyday... I won't do that to the few of you that are kind enough to read my ramblings. haha

Anyway, enough about that. Do you want to see some lightning?? I swear Texas has the weirdest, craziest weather!! Driving home from Church on Sunday... I swore our car was going to be struck. There were bolts of lightning hitting the farm fields all around us! It was scary. Jon and I debated what would happen if our giant heap of metal, lightning bolt attracting car was struck... would we die? I mean, airplanes get struck all of the time and they are usually just fine. I have heard that the rubber on the tires prevents you from being fatally affected. Jon disagreed and his resolve was to drive near the telephone poles since they would be struck first. I was certain if this were to happen that the pole would fall onto our car and we would die anyway, so it didn't matter either way. Nevertheless, we made it home without incident.

Later that evening, we watched the most incredible lightning show I've ever seen on land. The only topper was being above a storm (in an airplane) over the Arizona desert and looking down on a lightning storm... (if the mere sight of that kind of power doesn't convince you that God exists... I don't know what will). The evening sky was lit up (literally) by continuous lightning bolts... but without thunder. Very strange. It is a phenomenon known as heat lightning... called that because it usually happens in summer storms, especially with humidity. Air molecules will scatter and bend the sound waves upward, leaving virtually no sound to anyone farther than 8 miles away (give or take) .

I took a few pictures... kind of hard to see in the dark and it certainly doesn't give any justice to what we saw in real life... but something tells me that you haven't had your daily dose of weather pictures today. I'm here to remedy that. You're welcome. Now enjoy.

There you are. 'til next time my friends...